Shop For Eco-Friendly And Oil-Resistant Food Paper From This City-Based Brand

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Are you a professional home baker or just love to bake at home but can't find the right kind of food paper to use? Well, then, we suggest you check out Orgienic, a city-based brand that makes eco-friendly and organic food grade paper products.

The brand makes food grade paper used mostly in bakeries, cafes, etc for serving food as well as food packaging purpose. There is a variety of specialty paper we deal in. So it really depends on the clients needs and then we suggest the paper accordingly. Paper used in food packaging, garment packaging, etc. Glassine paper- butter paper in layman’s terms

Grease proof paper 

Bake oven paper 

Poster paper 

Tissue paper

We supply paper to all the paper napkin, toilet paper roll converters in Kolkata and around. Customisation in the same we print the paper and also make pouches from the same for deliveries by cafes in their custom sizes. We custom print the paper with the logo of the cafes and all 

And make pouches out of the same for deliveries of foods like patties, sandwhiches, French fries, bread loaves etc.