Health Freaks! Munch On All-Natural, Artisan Protein Bars, Granola From Orygen

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What Makes It Awesome

Born out of Siddharth's love for nutritious, clean yet tasty food, Orygen is a healthy snack brand that makes artisan protein bars and granola using natural, unadulterated ingredients.

Energy bars, protein bars, granola - all of it made in small batches using the choicest ingredients available. Their artisan bars and granola are crunchy, rich in fibre and flavours with raw honey and cocoa adding just the right amount of sweetness to the snack. Best part? The snacks gluten-free and perfect for kids and teenagers to gorge on them too! Also, it's not just made of oats or rice crispies but a mix of different kinds of nuts and seeds packed with flavours, taste and aroma. 

How about a granola bowl for breakfast? Available in peanut butter, dark choconut and cherry, and butter walnut flavours, the granolas make for a super healthy and nutritious breakfast to start the day with. But if you're looking for something to munch on pre and post workout, then the protein bars will sort you out. Say goodbye to those shakes and hello to protein bars available in three flavours - chocolate coconut, peanut butter and chocolate rip, and nutty chocolate and seed burst. The brand also stocks energy bars in four handcrafted variants (seed and honey crumble, cashew butter and quinoa crunch, cranberry cashew and almond bliss, and choco cherry and almond butter rush), in case that's what you prefer.

Prices start at around INR 250.


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