Owndays In South City Mall Is Making Us Snap On Some Japanese Perfection

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Owndays in South City Mall is taking our fascination for Japanese brands a lot higher. We are 'mind blown' by its perfection already.

What Makes It Awesome

Smart, edgy and a step ahead - the frames are as good as the whole of Japanese culture. Owndays is turning the whole optician's store on its head with a sprawling store lined with aisles and aisles of eye wear and frames.

Trendy, but friendly and amply well equipped, Owndays has none of the primness and austerity of an eyewear store. If anything, it says 'swank it up' with its seriously impressive collection and finesse. The usual suspects of basic frames and a qualified optometrist, of course, but what's to let your jaws hang is the delivery of a completely fitted and powered eye wear within just 20 minutes of your check up! Talk about being adept and precise.

The wide range in collection will leave you equally gobsmacked. Try the Air or the Air Ultem range (they can rival the bendy body of a gymnast) and you would be deceived into thinking you aren't looking through glasses (the frames are super light, we kid you not!). Go get your vintage look with the John Dilinger range or the pop funk with Lillybell. For those who want to pick something for protecting your eyes from long hours of staring at the screen, the Owndays PC collection with blue light resistance and anti-glare protection is the best bet.

What totally snazzed our attention though was the Owndays Snap range that comes with multiple tinted glasses that you can snap on your frame with the pull of a magnet! Prices of the eye wears and sunglasses start from INR 3,000. 


Owndays also has a handcrafted range of eyewear called Senichisaku that is entirely handmade with each taking about 50 hours to craft.


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