Mild On The Skin & Super Comfortable: This Brand's Sanitary Pads Will Help You Deal With Heavy Flow

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What Makes It Awesome

Heavy flow is a problem almost every menstruating woman deals with, right? Which is where we think Paree Sanitary Napkins can step in.

The brand's napkins are dry, comfortable and super mild on the skin so no worrying about rashes or irritation all day long. I ordered the Paree Super Soft Feel pads that's got wings made of a soft top sheet and a channel flow to spread the liquid across the pad so there's no spillage. The comfort factor is high on my priority list because the last thing I want to deal with during those already troublesome days is itching and rashes.

I also loved the Verve Pantyliners designed to make one feel fresh and comfortable not just during the period but every day because they are super slim, you won't feel like you're wearing anything. They are mild on the skin too. Another one I'd recommend would be the Ultra Thinz ones that come with multi-purpose wipes because they have a gel core technology that converts all the liquid into gel so you don't feel that wetness. Plus, they have this fragrance to keep that odour away.


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