Calling All Green Tea Lovers, ParTea Has Some Quirky Flavours For You

What Makes It Awesome

No more excuses to skip a cup of green tea full of rich anti-oxidants just because you do not like the taste much. ParTea has given an interesting twist to the traditional green tea with whacky flavours to keep you hooked.

So you have heard about how green tea is great for detoxing but lost about how to get used to the taste? We came across a newly launched brand, ParTea - an online store - catering the green tea goodness all the way from Darjeeling without making it less tasty. Coming from a tea family with estates in Assam, Utsav Jain's love for tea made him start this new venture about a year ago targeting the new generation for its health benefits.

The pyramid tea bags comes in tins of quirky flavours like cranberry, Morracan mint, chamomile and lemongrass. What caught our attention the most was their whiskey and paan flavoured tea range. We also liked that this brand is going for natural ingredients and organic extracts, so nothing unhealthy goes into your body.

With a good response over the time, ParTea has done pop-ups for different events and very soon they will launch its e-commerce website with more flavours ranging from chocolate to Kashmiri kahwa. Not to forget, ParTea comes with customised gifting and hamper options for every tea addict in the town. 

Each box of tea, containing 7 sachets cost at INR 250.

To place your order contact them at 9903389739 or drob by their Facebook/Instagram page.


A pack of their tea will make for a great gift for your mom's birthday.