Escape The Noise: Peace, Quiet & Coffee: These 8 Cafes Are Perfect For Some Me Time

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Are you looking for some alone time, preferably over a cup of delicious coffee and snacks? Here are eight peaceful cafes across Kolkata that are perfect for some solo-sipping.

The Bakery - The Lalit Great Eastern

Indulge in some premium tea/coffee at this peaceful and cosy place. The Bakery has a few coffee, tea and hot chocolate options priced at INR 375, as well as a nice continental breakfast spread for INR 450, which comes with a variety of goodies to pick from, including juice, fruits, toast and baked delights. If you are looking for a royal high tea, The Tea Lounge has veg and non-veg options ranging between INR 1,000-1,200.

Cafe Ekante

If you’re craving some tranquillity, what could be better than coffee with a lovely view of the water? Café Ekante sets you next to the water so you can de-stress over tea, coffee, appetizers and more. Tea starts at INR 49 and coffee starts at INR 69.

Whistling Kettle

Whistling Kettle might not be quiet for long as word of this café starts spreading around Kolkata quickly. But for now, you can safely head over for some shaanti. Coffee starts at INR 80, tea starts at INR 65 and pancakes start at INR 130. You should also try out their toast options, as well as egg, pork and chicken specialties. The free Wi-Fi is an added bonus.

The Rouge

Grab your favourite book, a notepad and head straight to The Rouge for a cuppa. They serve hot chocolate too, with sides of macaroons, tarts, cupcakes, cookies and more. Since most folks pick up desserts and leave, this gem of a place stays relatively empty. I strongly recommend their standard hot chocolate.

Magenta Store & Cafe

Magenta just opened in May, and has a tiny cafe attached to a boutique. If you want a view of Deshapriya Park, then the balcony is a great spot {if it isn’t raining}. Tea starts at INR 45, coffee at INR 50. They have a range of dishes to munch on, including sandwiches, salads, omelettes and finger food.

Paris Cafe

Head to Alipore’s Paris Café for a solo coffee date that is picture-perfect. You will enjoy the company of dreamy interiors, gorgeous throw pillows, delicious desserts, and, of course, tea and coffee. Go ahead and also try their rich, red velvet pancakes for INR 110.

Wise Owl Café

Wise Owl Café has a warm vibe, and an excellent breakfast spread that lists pancakes, sandwiches, sausages and toast and eggs, and more. Coffee starts at INR 60 and tea at INR 80. Or choose a cold coffee, or iced tea. They also do shakes, smoothies, flavoured sodas and protein shakes. There’s a steakhouse on the terrace, by the way – open on all sides. Great place to enjoy the breeze and a book.

Matargashti by Friends Cafe

What used to be Friends Café is now Matargashti. While the food is on the average side, if you are looking for a place that will cheer you up, then the uber-colourful interiors will definitely work like a charm. Teas start at INR 89 and you can order a cappuccino for INR 119.


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