Pick Up These Cool Jute Totes Designed For Art Galleries & Cafes Abroad For Under INR 100

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Need a cool tote for carrying your books, a weekend getaway or beach vacay or for just shopping? These tote bags with trendy styles will work well.

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Jute Totes, Canvas Totes And Bags.

What Makes It Awesome

Just walk along the pavements in Gariahat {near Kimbadanti, Junior Brothers and the Ananda bookstore}, and you will find a series of street stalls selling bags made of jute, canvas and cloth. Most are standard, run-of-the-mill stuff with the usual floral designs. But sometimes they stock bags that are export surplus from a consignment meant for museums, cafes and brands abroad. For instance, they will often have bags meant for MoMa — the Museum Of Modern Art in New York — with really cool art from well-known figures like Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Gauguin. The bag above has an image of Lichtenstein’s art. They also do bags for different brands in the US, UK, Germany, Spain etc.The shops begin from somewhere around Basanti Devi College and on the opposite pavement, around Junior Brothers. They also stock canvas and cloth tote bags meant for galleries and universities in the UK and US. These are super convenient and lighter, and perfect for a jeans and white T-shirt look. So chuck out plastic bags - time to buy something a little hardier and more environment-friendly that you can take each time you nip to the shops.


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