Winter Has Arrived And It's Time To Hit The Sweet Shops For Those Nolen Gur Delicacies

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Winter is synonymous with nolen gur in Kolkata. And Kolkatans can only think of nolen gur infused sweets to satiate their taste buds. Before you start salivating further, let us take you through our five picks which are must-haves when it comes to one of the top winter draws.

Nolen Gurer Sandesh

Yes, you guessed it right. We are referring to the famed jolbhora. The liquid gur filled sandesh is a common sweet in every Bengali's refrigerator during the winters. Want to taste the crème de la crème? Girish & Nakur is the place you should visit. Go to the Hedua one, so that you can try the jolbhora from Nalin Chandra as well.

Gurer Patishapta

Patishapta is a household favourite. Apart from the sweet shops, you will remember having the patishapta made by your grandmother at home. It is a thin, delicate crêpe, with a filling of gur. We usually savour the patishapta all year round but it comes with the kheer filling. It is only during winters that we get the gurer patishapta. Head to Hindustan Sweets or Ganguram to stuff your face with this winter special.

Nolen Gurer Roshogolla

What happens when Kolkata's favourite dessert is combined with Kolkata's favourite winter delicacy? Magic is created. We are talking about Nolen Gurer Roshogolla. Head to any sweet shop in Kolkata and you are bound to get the gurer roshogolla in all of them. Different stores might have their own USP, but we do recommend you to pick up a dozen of them from KC Das, Bhim Nag or Subodh Chandra Mullick.

Gurer Payesh

Bengalis are familiar with the regular payesh or kheer. But the twist comes when it is served made with the seasonal nolen gur. The gur just enhances the taste of the regular payesh manifold. Want to try the craziest way to enjoy your gurer payesh? Try it with luchi and you are going to thank us later! The first place which comes to our mind for a bowl of gurer payesh is Balaram Mullick.

Pithe Puli

Pithe puli or dudh puli is made during the occasion of Sankranti. This delicacy is a Makar Sankranti special and to explain in simple terms, these are dumplings made of rice flour with a stuffing of nolen gur at the centre. If you are a huge pithe lover, you have to visit Pithe Bilashi for their flavoured pithes such as mango puli or choco puli.