Making Travel Plans? Check Our Guide To Must-Visit Places In Itanagar

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Want to be nestled in the lap of mother nature? Want to take-up the silent yet daunting challenge posed by the hills and trek to conquer them? The choice of activities and limitless beauty of Itanagar has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here are some of the visited places of Itanagar.

Ganga Lake

Ganga Lake which is also known as Geyer Sinying is one of the perfect tourist destinations in Itanagar. The serene atmosphere is surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains –  offering mesmerizing views to be captured in your camera and memory. The pristine clear water (reflecting shadows of the towering Himalayas) amidst primeval vegetation, forest trees, and orchids will make you spellbound. Boating facilities are also available here.

Ita Fort

Ita Fort, meaning “Fort of Bricks” in Ahom language is believed to be constructed by Jitari Dynasty’s king, Mayapur of Ramchandra during the 14th century. The ruins of Ita Fort speak about the supremacy of the ancient people in the field of architecture and workmanship as it was built in an area that is far from being a comfortable place for construction. Though only a few brick blocks are there for you to see don’t let that discourage you as the fort is perched on top of a hill offering views of valleys that will stun you in silence.

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha is the 3rd largest national park (area wise) in the country and one of the chief natural reserves of Arunachal Pradesh. A gem for any wildlife lover and nature enthusiasts, this place is the haven for some of the rare and endangered animals and plant species – you can spot Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, and Tigers here. Since it is located in the lower Eastern Himalayan belt, it offers beautiful views of the nearby peaks and is a perfect place for adventure seekers – go for forest trekking or hiking activities or just soothe your strained nerves amidst greenery.

Gompa Buddhist Temple

Gompa Buddhist Temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Itanagar as well as Arunachal Pradesh. Often called the center of Buddhist studies, this place is situated on top of a small hill offering the best scenic views of the city. The striking yellow roof of the temple can be spotted from afar and the gate at the base that leads you to Gompa is really very colourful. The white Stupa which situated outside the main Gompa with golden carvings is truly awe-inspiring.

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum

The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum reflects the history and culture of this region by exhibiting local handicrafts, music instruments, and wood carvings. The museum has got a separate section for archaeology where antique collections unearthed, reminiscent of traditional Arunachal Pradesh and quite a few archaeological findings are exhibited. It has a separate gallery for handicrafts where you can view the processing of cane manufacturing. There’s a library as well as housing a wide range of books.


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