Places To See Best Wall Arts In The City

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There is no dearth of artists in Kolkata (after all it is called the cultural capital of India!). And this is evident from the graffitis you can see all across Kolkata. Hence, we bring you places where you can see wall art in the city and be amazed by the kind of talent in the city.


You must be knowing where the Pantaloons in Hatibagan is. You will find this particular wall graffiti right opposite Pantaloons. Inside a narrow lane, you'll find this artwork on a one-storeyed quintessential old house. The graffiti uses various colours in shades of green and yellow, forming a cityscape, which is in stark contrast to the age of the house.

St Lawrence High School

The Ritchie Road stretch of St Lawrence High School has really amazing wall arts to stare at. The graffitis are all made by the students of the school and you will be able to spot four different paintings. Out of these, the best one we liked was on global warming. You can straightaway spot the creativity of these kids through this particular artwork.

Park Street

When Kolkata is in question, how can we not talk about Park Street? When you are walking from the Trincas side, stop for a while and admire the two graffitis drawn outside The Park hotel. Made with spray paints, one of them is on the Park Hotel stretch where you can get a picture of an alternate cityscape of Kolkata.

Loudon Street

Walk down Park Street and take the right onto Loudon Street. Walk for 100 metres and you will find a new building being constructed. Artist Jit Chowdhury has drawn this extensive wall art. This project is the second longest wall he has ever worked on, measuring 80 feet wide. And the whole is minimalist with an interplay of various colours.


This one might go unnoticed due to its difficult location. Marbella's is a newly opened cafe in Hindustan Park (in the same lane as Byloom and Sienna), and you won't be able to spot the graffiti until you look up before entering the cafe. You will see a hand painted on a wall (with a red background) drawn by Divdrisht Kaur Suri.

Lake Gardens Warehouse

This is probably the coolest place in Kolkata. You'll spot the warehouse just before taking the Lake Gardens flyover (from the Anwar Shah side). The entire warehouse has to be admired for it is filled with various wall arts and graffitis. You might want to know the reason. The warehouse acts as an underground hip-hop place where you can witness rap ciphers happening and people practising stunts on their skateboards and bicycles!