Let This Coffee Shop Take You On A Wintery Ride With Their Season Special Menu

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What Makes It Awesome

It's that time of the year when that slight nip in the air makes you crave for something warm, cosy and comfortable and we know just where you should be.

Potboiler Coffee House has come up with their winter special menu and it's all about season specific ingredients, fresh fruits, vegetables and drinks to keep you warm and comfortable all the way. From eggs and grills to salads and pastas, Potboiler's special menu will leave you spoilt for choice. Plus, there are quite a few coffee and chocolate based drinks too!

Start with the Toad In A Hole if you like eggs. It's toasted bread with eggs cooked in the middle served with hash browns. Order The Calcutta Chromosomes - our favourite Nolen Gur flavoured cappuccino or latte - along with it and you're all set. You can also order the Kashmiri Kahwa, the ultimate winter drink, if you like. But if it's salad that gets you going, then definitely opt for Glass Noodles Stir-Fry with Asian Veggies. 

Chicken and fish lovers cannot miss the Orange Honey Grilled Chicken/Fish served with sauteed veggies and mashed potato or, for that matter, even the Prawns in Butter Garlic Sauce served with coconut curry and butter rice - it's heaven on earth! Not recommended if you don't like coconut. Wash it all down with the Invitation To A Bonfire (campfire marshmellow white chocolate mocha) or the good ol' Malgudi Days (adrak and elaichi South Indian filter coffee).

And, of course, you cannot leave Potboiler without trying their kickass and heavenly desserts - so, skip that diet for a day and go for their Chocolate & Orange Marmalade Pancakes or the No-Bake Seasonal Tart (there's a gajar ka halwa option too!).


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