Up Your Glam Game For The Wedding Season With This Brand's Exquisite Costume Jewellery


New year eve may be over but the party season has certainly not stopped. Brunch parties to bachelorettes, sundowners and weddings - the invites keep coming and the pressure of looking stunning just eats up our soul. Thankfully, to ease things up Pretios has a line of exquisite costume jewellery that'll totally up our glam game.

What Makes It Awesome

Pretios is doing a fine job of turning the age old adage 'all that glitters is not gold' on its head. The jewellery line sure does glitter and amps your glam factor, but it most certainly won't burn your bank.

Just a year old, Pretios by designer Dwiti Bhuwalka is here to save us from the curse of on-repeat boring looks. A certified jewellery designer, Dwiti's line ranges from elaborate wedding pieces to sleek party wears and even everyday items. Made from sterling silver aloy sterlium, her jewellery is scratch and tarnish resistant. You can pick your choice between gold plated or silver from the range, and the pieces mostly come studded with Swarovski zirconia. For something more glamorous, you can also choose their gemstones and semi precious stones collection. 

BFF's wedding? Dazzle in the reception with one of Pretios's polki neck pieces and signature bracelets. Or better still make a set of Pretios's exclusive heirloom pieces and gift it to your BFF as a treasured keepsake. For being the stunner in the sundowner party, they've got elegant and chic jewellery in silver that'll fool any lame eye for a white gold and diamond piece.

With all these bonus points adding to the list, we couldn't believe that prices start at just INR 2,000!


Most excitingly, you can get all your gold-plated jewellery from Pretios re-plated as well.