Great Food, Shops And Services: A Guide To Life Around Bhawanipur Education Society College

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Bhawanipur Education Society College, one of the most popular colleges of our city, has a pretty happening neighbourhood and has become somewhat of a gastronomical pitstop for broke people.


A bit of warning beforehand for all the non-veg people, this area mostly serves vegetarian food because of the predominantly Marwari population.

Sumo Dough

A new restaurant {pure veg} has popped up right beside the college. The name an the menu is a mismatch{sumo seems like it’s gonna be something Asian, right?} — it serves mostly what restaurants call Italian fare — an assortment of pastas, pizzas, shakes, breads etc.

Picadilly Square

This place is known for their delicious pancakes and waffles. Its ambience has got a touch of London cafes to it, and is pretty well spaced out. They also have great breakfast deals so keep an eye out for them if you go anytime in the morning. This too is a vegetarian place.

Would You Waffle

Walk straight right opposite the lane of Forum Mall and you will come across a series of small shops — Would You Waffles is one of them. This is a newbie to joint in the waffle scene in Kolkata. They have good options in the menu and the best part is that they also home deliver.

Mr. Wrappee

In the very same lane of Would You Waffle, is another new kid on the block, Mr.Wrapee. Serving a variety of wraps and tortillas they also have pastas and momos in their menu. And they also serve kulfi for dessert!

The Frozen Tree

In the same lane is the new dessert parlour, The Frozen Tree. Their speciality is selling fruity, icy pops. Let summer soar in, you will be fighting to get inside and grab an icicle to beat the heat.

Sharma Snacks Centre

When you get pangs for kachori sabji or chaat, then head to Sharma Snacks Corner. It has outlived other kachori stalls and is a favourite among students.

Nick ‘N’ Nack

Bang opposite Krishna Juice Corner is the very famous Nick ‘N’ Nack — they have been serving up delicious cheese Maggi for years. It is also a grocery store and it’s very rare that you won’t find what you are looking for. They keep almost everything — from all kinds of exotic dry fruits, boxes of Mamma Mia ice cream and even daily grocery needs. The front part of the store serves strictly vegetarian snacks like veg momos, cheese Maggi, cheese and corn sandwiches, mushroom sandwiches, etc. It is a really small store, but there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about it in that locality. 

Chill Maar – The Adda Zone

Another café near the college, it’s off the main road located in a lane. It’s got a small-sized entry, but the space inside is nice. They also have offers on combos including both hookah and food. A lot of the college students hang out here.

Bean It Up

On the footpath exactly opposite Bhawanipur College is where you can find Bean It Up. This is a cosy little café where the food is incredibly reasonable. If you are in need of a quick bite which will also be easy on the pocket then hit this place up.

Krishna Juice Corner

This is an oldie right beside Would You Waffle. They serve up an assortment of juices like apple, watermelon, sweet lime and many more, and also provide some yum shakes and seasonal ice creams.


Those who have been here will probably be surprised to know that this little shack is listed in both Zomato and Swiggy. A store popular for all kinds of street food, chaats and even paan, almost all Bhowanipore College students are familiar with this one.

Photocopy Shop: Radiant Telecom

How can a college survive without a reliable photocopy shop? Radiant Telecom, with its faded board and peeling walls, has been photocopying notes for students of Bhowanipur for a long, long time.

Art Gallery: Baitanik

This place is an art gallery and has space outside for hosting a small-sized music or theatre show as well. Many cultural events take place here. This was originally the house of Saumyendranath Tagore, the grand-nephew of Rabindranath Tagore. Right now it is an intimate space for events.

Bookstore: Story

The book lovers of Bhowanipur College couldn’t have asked for anything better than Story, could they? A great store, with a wide collection of books, it even houses author meets on its uppermost floor. They also have a café in collaboration with Chai Break, so you can sip and read at the same time.



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