This Is The Place You Want To Visit If You Are A Lover Of Dance And Music

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The Paschim Banga Rajya Sangeet Academy in Lake Gardens is an initiative by the state government and is set up as a cultural centre.

What Makes It Awesome

The Bengal government has thoroughly renovated this place recently and it looks nothing short of state-of-the-art. With landscaping done at the front space, it has been beautified with greenery in order to make it look more aesthetically appealing. The academy campus has lot of open space, with a pond inside as well. But what will attract you the most is the open-air amphitheatre resembling a medieval Greek structure.

The academy organises workshops and training programmes on classical music, light classical music and dance throughout the year. The academy usually advertises these workshops on different dailies and its Facebook page and there are no charges to attend these programmes and workshops. Now you know what you have to do when you are in a mood to indulge in some fine classical music and dance performances. The amphitheatre is also used by different dance schools for performing recitals. If, upon reaching there, you come across a rendition of Rabindra Nritya, then it is your lucky day!

In addition to all of this, one of the primary objectives of the academy is to hunt young talent, because of which it organises Uday Sankar Dance Festival, Classical Music Conference, Dance-Drama Festival and other dance and music competitions. Don't be surprised if you find eminent artists gracing these competitions and festivals from across the state and country.


In case you are interested in their history, check out the archive of Rajya Sangeet Academy where there's a huge collection of rare gramophones, records, spools, audio cassettes, CDs and VHS.