Why Shop When You Can Rent Toys For Your Little One From This Online Toy Library

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What Makes It Awesome

Tired of listening to your kids' endless rants to buy them a new set of toys every month? Instead of spending thousands on buying toys and children's books, which eventually tread their way to the store room, how about renting them on a fortnightly basis?

Check out Khilonewala, India's first toy library that rents toys, games and books to kids aged between one and 12 years. The concept is simple. Visit the nearest Khilonewala centre near your house (or just WhatsApp for details), choose a membership plan as per your needs, make a wish list from their online catalogue as per the age and liking of your child and the set of toys, books and games will be delivered at your doorstep every two weeks. After every fortnight you need to return the old kit in exchange of the new one. 

In the age when children are almost glued to smart phones, this online library ensures your kids learn while playing. No more buying expensive toys as their curated set offers a huge variety, including  board games, wooden games, mind games, logic development games, strategy games, puzzles, block games and drawing games. There's lot of options in books as well, from picture dictionaries, educational nooks, encyclopaedia, moral stories, touch & feel, 3D books to mythological stories, fairy tales, rhymes and poems.


The toys are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every use. After registering you need to give them at least a week's time to initiate the delivery process. Also, ensure the toys and books are returned in good condition or else you need bear the charges.


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