Ride The Turkish Trail At Cafe Mezzuna!

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What Makes It Awesome?

A memorable meal with a delicious rundown of Turkish pride - a heritage of Ottoman cuisine (a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines) with the culinary trends coming from the diverse group of people around the Mediterranean Sea showcasing the flavorful characteristics with its rich history and traditions.

Took my taste buds on a Mediterranean fling with enticing appetizers - Shawarma and Kebabs, roasted meat especially the lamb, the cornerstone of Turkish gastronomy, proudly speaks the richness of the exotic and diverse cuisine of Turkish culture.

No wonders, the Turkish cuisine always makes its way to a healthy diet through wraps and grilled meats.

In Frame -

Char-Grilled Zahara -
Middle Eastern roasted cauliflower wrap, grilled at high heat over charcoal giving heaps of aroma. A gourmet pride, yummy tasty, so fresh and healthy. Served with the mashed chickpea and pumpkin dip - hummus, sour yoghurt and fries.

Lahm Meshwi (Grilled meat) -
Lahm (لحم) is the term for “meat”. Mediterranean Street Food. A version of lamb galouti kebabs - lambs that are grilled like kebabs. The flavour and fragrance of this melt in the mouth, juicy marinated grilled lamb is heavenly. Served with thin, soft bread, salads, hummus, sour yoghurt and fries.

Lahm and Byrd -
One-pot flavoured saffron rice layered with tender deeply delicious free falling spiced lamb from the bones with its little fat. Simply outstanding. Served with boiled eggs.

Atif Makhli -
The popular middle eastern dessert served during Ramadan. Sweet Turkish deep-fried dumpling stuffed with nuts ricotta cheese and drizzled with rose syrup, pistachios.

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