Nolen Gur to Gondhoraj Lebu: Hit Up These 3 Local Microbreweries For Inventive Craft Beer

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Beer lovers, join the microbrewery craze by stopping by at these 3 awesome bars that serve freshly-brewed craft beer.


This mammoth 10,000-sq ft bar comes with a modern industrial feel spiked with artificial greenery and a long list of freshly brewed beers. They serve Hefeweizen, Porter, IPA and a Blonde Ale and even let you sample them before you pick your poison for the night. Plans to brew beer infused with local and seasonal ingredients like gondhoraj lemon and nolen gur are in the pipeline {fingers crossed}.

Drinks for two would cost a couple approximately INR 1,500. What’s awesome is that all the ingredients off the money are sourced from within a 10-km radius of the city – shout-out to local produce! They’re usually packed over the weekend; your best bet to get a place to get a seat here is a weekday afternoon.

Beer Republic

Citizens of Beer-ville, welcome home! Located near Swabhumi, Beer Republic serves 4 types of craft beer – the Blonde Beer, a light-bodied specialty wheat ale; Amber Beer, a premium rich lager; Brunette Beer, a full-bodied dark ale {Game of Thrones fans, this one is for you!}; and Republic Beer, crisp and sweet lager. A mug comes for INR 200 and a pitcher for INR 650. More than the food and the ambience, go for the beer.

Country Roads

Drive down to Country Roads for an afternoon of tankards. This den brews up 3 craft beers – German Weizen or German Wheat Beer, a light beer with malt flavours; a Scottish Ale malty flavour with a hint of caramel {think winter!} and the Belgian Blond which has a hint of fruitiness. A glass comes at INR 150 and its INR 200 for 500ml. While it has long tables and a giant bar, it doesn’t have the same chic-ness found at the other microbreweries and pubs but their beers are still worth the drive to Rajarhat.


Don’t forget to carry ID!


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