Unique Cocktails With Quintessential American Culinary, This Newbie Will Amaze You!

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What Makes It Awesome

SAZ, recently opened its door in Kolkata has introduced the American brasserie culture in the metro. Enjoy their long vast bar preparing some unique cocktails and couple them with quintessential American culinary. The interior inside SAZ did interest me – derelict finish on the wall, neon signage and modular diner seating arrangement that transport us back to the era of 70’s pop culture.

To start off with the Kale Melon Beetroot Salad. The fresh and crunchy salad dressing with goat cheese, quinoa and caramelized walnut and a generous drizzle of olive oil gives a tangy flavor. One has an option to combine this with Gin and Tonic. The secret of a perfect G&T is mixing rings of orange/lime and cucumber with a dash of cardamon tincture over 60 ml gin and top it up with chilled tonic water. For finishing one may spank a rosemary strand and brush it on the brink. Over here they use Beefeater but I always prefer Bombay Sapphire. By the way, they call this drink Of All The G&T’s In The World. Aside from these couple of other cocktails to hit upon. Say Hello To My Little Friend – a mix of Campari and gin served on rocks with grapefruit and lime juice. Finished with a dash of Himalayan pink salt. Another whiskey and the coffee-based cocktail was Life is Like a Box of Chocolate.
In the appetizers, there were taco and pizza. Tacos Al Pastor is a grilled pork taco stuffed with salsa and avocado paste. Though the proportion of meat was lesser to my preference then the taste was fantastic while sinking teeth through a crispy taco shell. Squeeze some fresh lime on the top to amp up the flavor. Spinach and Artichoke Pizza is a paper-thin crust pizza topped with roasted garlic, cheese, spinach, and artichokes. Surprisingly there was tomato puree as one of the ingredients.

In grills, there were fish and paneer. Fresh catch barramundi (locally known as bhetki) coated with beer batter results in perfect crispy and had a golden brown color coating. But inside was piping hot, soft and super tender. I am very very fussy about this British invention from my years of staying with them and I must this one was impressive. Enjoy this hot fry with homemade neatly log cut potato fries and cold tartar dip. Spicy Cottage Cheese Rice is an utterly flavourful dish that perfectly recreates a New York City halal cart classic for vegetarians. Paneer (cottage cheese) is marinated with herbs, lemon, and spices served on the bed of rice golden with white creamy yogurt sauce layer in between. It's one complete platter.

Finally, in the dessert section, nothing is better than ending with pie and pancake. Buttermilk Pancake has three pancake layers stuffed with white chocolate chip and crumbled cookie. Covered with fresh cream, chocolate sauce, and maple syrup. Topped with blueberries. Classic Banoffee Pie is another British classic. A sweet and crumbly cracker biscuit base with a thick layer of caramel, rows of freshly sliced bananas, a generous blanket of freshly whipped cream with shavings of caramel toffee. It cannot be anything sweeter to end with.

Must try Cocktails, Tacos Al Pastor, Classic Fish & Chips, Spicy Cottage Cheese Rice and Classic Banoffee Pie

What Could Be Better?

The cocktails turned me on but these long names turned me off. In pizza would rather prefer more white cheese to make the pizza more moistened till the edge.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae

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