This Bakery's Cake In A Mug & Dessert Pizza Keeps Us Drooling

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We have our sweet tooth tingling! There’s a new bakery on the block called Seventh heaven, and their Mug Cakes have us all curious. Need something salty to calm the sugar rush? They serve fries swell.

What Makes It Awesome

Seventh Heaven is a small, two tables and a couple of high stools bakery with the usual faux brick walls and suspended bulb lights. On a weekday evening we found it jam packed and were lucky to grab seats. Their menu includes usual cakes slices--pineapple, chocolate--priced at a reasonable INR 60-70. What caught my attention was their Mug Cakes (INR 120), a hot chocolate cake base layered with cool ice-cream, choco-chips, and whipped cream!

The hot & cold combo in the mug was fun. The Dessert Pizza (INR 69) is a trendy addition to the sweet world and the choco-chip muffins (INR 35) are great for the price! If things are getting too sweet for your liking, one can order up fries (120). Oh, they make some rad 3D cakes (INR 1400 per kg). Think whisky bottle, DSLR, or a stylish handbag, they’ll whip it up for you.

What Could Be Better

They have an extensive menu, but don’t stock up their counter with all items. It’s a tiny space so, ditch the idea of sitting down for a chat here. Their Mug Cakes take a bit of time to prepare.

Pro Tip

Forgot somebody’s birthday? Need a cake? These guys usually have a good looking selection to choose from.

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