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What Makes It Awesome

If you're looking for candles and fragrances for your home, then let me introduce you to Sevgi.

The brand's collection includes handcrafted incense sticks, mist sprays, candles and urli. Find different kinds of candles like tea light, floating and fragrant glass candles and you can easily reuse the glass once the candle is burnt out. If you're looking for something to decorate your table or space with on Diwali (or any other festival, get together, function, celebration), then check out the Urli candles. They are basically these aromatic, multi-wick candles that come in a large metal brass container and are ideal for festive occasions.

But if it's incense sticks you're looking for, Sevgi has four kinds on offer - white, peak, spiritual and ash. These agarbattis are made of pure essential oils that relieve stress and anxiety, relax your mood, calm the mind, improves circulation and memory, helps you sleep and strengthens the immune system.

Price: INR 400 upwards


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