Shillong Point Serves Up Authentic Khasi Dishes (And More) In A Cosy Setting

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We discovered Shillong Point, a restaurant featuring authentic Khasi food on their menu. 

What Makes It Awesome

Curated by Raja Phookan and his wife Nandini, wanted to open up a food option for Northeastern people living in Kolkata. With his family roots in Meghalaya, Phookan grew up in Guwahati and was highly influenced by the Northeastern culture and lifestyle. Located inside the bylanes of Ballygunge station road, this small joint is at a ground floor level where an ordinary wooden door opens up offering a seating area for 12 people in-a-go.

With minimal decor and a welcoming signboard outside for the visitors, this place has a team of very few members working to get you some lip-smacking food. While a couple of chefs, Veronica Manners and Fedrick Majow from Shillong takes care of the native favours, chef Dany looks after other dishes.

Our suggestion for this place is to get little courageous to try the Khasi food such as Dohkhlieh- condiment made out of pork fat and brain mixed with onion and ginger than regular Chinese options available. Dishes like Jadoh- sticky rice steamed with pork fat and seasonings will be something different than your regular rice. Side dishes that goes perfect with rice are pork or chicken curry cooked with bamboo shoots or Dohneiiong - a gravy based curry made with black sesame and seasonings. Along with that, they have a variety of Chinese dishes, all placed at an affordable range.

What Could Be Better

The service was however slow being a small number of staff in the kitchen. Also an addition of an extra table seating could make it spacious for the crowd.


While strolling through the bylanes looking for the restaurant, you might get confused. So we would suggest you to stick to the google map as the restaurant doesn't have a proper placard outside.


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