Our Love For Handmade Bath Essentials Drew Us To This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Online beauty & cosmetic brand Anirya Bath and Body Essentials has hit the right note with its handmade products. The modern shoppers and buyers are becoming more and more responsible, and you will find Anirya's cruelty-free products as the correct solution if you are looking for conscious options.

Anirya has a limited yet useful range of handcrafted bath essentials, body care and skincare products. Ditch your regular old soap and go for the handmade ubtan soap or virgin coconut soap. The latter, made with French red clay and coconut oil, helps in deep cleansing and nourishing your skin. But if you are looking for smoothness and softness, opt for the milk and honey soap - it has goat milk as one of the ingredients.

Going for a trip to the mountains and worried about dry skin? Get the face butter with calamine clay and mango butter for a healthy skin. Or else carry the shea body butter with hempseed oil, which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Don't deprive your feet the care it needs, and get the foot butter or sweet basil and lavender foot soak. The foot soak contains a blend of pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salt, with almond oil, sweet basil and lavender essential oils. The oils can soften your heels whereas the salts can get rid of pain and ache.

What Could Be Better

Anirya's soap range has a lot of options but we want to see more choices in the foot care and skincare section.