Give Back To The Community By Shopping For Essentials From These Sustainable Farms

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With resources depleting day by day, we, as consumers, should find more sustainable means to fulfil our basic necessities. These sustainable farms are doing a fabulous job in supplying organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly essentials. Check out our list of online farms which are working toward a better ecosystem.

OOO Farms

OOO Farms

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What OOO Farms is trying to achieve is not just produce organic supplies indigenously, but also help in afforestation, chemical-free soil preventation, and cleaner & better water table under soil. This Pune-based organic farm has an unending variety of rices, grains, flours, oils and other such essential produce. They have a range of aromatic and medicinal rice varieties such as ajara ghansal, ambemohar, kasbai, navara and scarlet among others.

SRC Farms

What if we told you that the milk and other dairy products that you will consume has never come in contact with human hands? No need to be surprised because SRC Farms, eastern India's first and only automated dairy, does exactly that. At their farm in West Bengal's Hooghly district, they breed pedigree cows who are housed comfortably on open pastures and are given veterinary care. Hence, if you're buying milk from here, it will be preservative-free.

The Good Cow Company

The Good Cow Company, located on the outskirts of Kolkata, specialises in farm fresh A2 milk, ghee and few other dairy products, and does home deliveries in and around town too. Their milk is not only completely untouched by humans but also rich in nutrients. Upon ordering from Good Cow, we know we are indulging in cruelty-free dairy products!

Little Farm Co.

Like us, if achaar is bae for you too and you haven’t tasted the delectable pickles by Little Farm Co., you’re clearly missing out. Its handmade and farm-fresh condiments such as pickles, dips, chutneys and sald dressings are preservative-free and drawn from heirloom recipes. The classic best-selling Chilli Combo of 4 is one of our favourite pickles - green chilli, red chilli, jalapeño and green chilli gur. Little Farm’s Adrak green chilli pickle is another definite must-have in all Indian kitchens.

Under The Mango Tree

Under The Mango Tree or UTMT, aims to establish a fair-trade market for locally produced honey that is natural, organic and sustainable. What gave us all the more reason to notice this brand, is that UTMT is not only committed to improving the lives of marginal farmers, but also advancing sustainable community-based beekeeping with the indigenous bee. We can get a variery of honey such as tulsi, litchi, jamun and wild forest, among others.