Resin Trays To Marble Tables: Shop For Handcrafted Home Decor From This Brand

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Opulent Homes

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What Makes It Awesome

We found a brand that does artistic home and kitchen accessories and we think you'll like it too!

Say hello to Opulent Homes that does furniture, decor and kitchen accessories mostly made of marble, resin and gemstones - all of which is made in-house by skilled inlay craftsmen. Find a wide range of marble and agate coasters, bamboo and wooden trays, tealight holders, agate tables, table tops, dustbins, bath sets, photo frames, mirror frames and other collectibles to amp up your home and kitchen space.

We love their collection of coasters available in single pieces as well as sets. The white marble ones and the purple agate coasters are a personal favourite. The wooden coasters are also worth a dekko. If you're looking for something for your room, we'd suggest you check out the tealight holder made of stone, MDF and white pearl. Another product we love is the Tadiwood Bamboo Tray that makes for a very earthy and sophisticated addition to the kitchen.

Prices start at INR 450.


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