Make Learning Fun For Kids With Educational Toys Made Of Wood From This Brand

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Skola Toys

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What Makes It Awesome

Ditch the regular cars, dolls and stuff and get your little munchkins fun and educational wooden toys from Skola.

The brand makes innovative toys out of wood to make learning fun for kids from 1-7 years of age. Find toys on subjects like numbers, alphabets, environment, language, dexterity and cognition. Rainbow Roofs is a great toy to teach your little one above three years to develop fine motor skills, learn about colours and hone memory and balancing skills. Let their creativity run wild as they play around with different forms and shapes while also learning about the rainbow.

Another toy we loved was the Rolling Car Slope that's perfect for developing concentration and visual tracking skills while racing cars! Cool, right? Teach the kids vowels and word formations through Vowel Cars or numbers as they try to create an image of a train. Skola also has toys on geometry, hand-eye coordination, arithmetic, motion, pattern formation and pre-writing skills where kids get to learn hand movements, strokes and how to hold a pencil.

Prices start at around INR 445.


Planning a birthday party (virtual, we hope!) for your little munchkin? Skola also does return gifts that are biodegradable, practical and affordable. Alphabet tracing, word pairs, tic tac toe - the toys are sure to engage the child and make learning fun.


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