The Experts At Skulpt Gym Give Us The Ultimate Guide To Looking Fab For The Festive Season

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From pre-pujo to post-pujo, here are all the tips and tricks you need to look fabulous during the festive season {and they have a pujo special offer!}.

Keeping Your Body Ready Pre-Pujo

For those of us lazy and/or busy ones who don’t work out regularly, start with basic exercises {like 30 minutes of brisk walking and normal body weight movements like squats, push ups and lunges. Additionally, one can do core based workouts like crunches, reverse crunches and a basic plank. This type of workout helps strengthen the muscles as well as change the body composition which will make one look toned. Regular gym goers can speed up the process by targeting two muscle groups on a single day.

Keeping Your Skin Glowing

The simplest way to achieve skin radiance is to compliment your diet and exercise with a few healthy detox drinks. The best detox drink is the basic H2O aka water. Make sure to load up on water pre-festivities.

Relaxing is crucial – at least 7 hours of sleep helps you look fresh and rejuvenated. Hydration is crucial so drink Lemon Juice, Coconut Water and thin Buttermilk to replenish the fluids that are lost in sweat. Avocado and kale are a great source to replenish the nutrients of the skin. A simple and healthy Banana shake can do wonders.

Keeping Up With the Pujo Madness

Stretches and breathing exercises will keep you rejuvenated. A few tips on fitness coupled with some tips on detox. Go vigorous during pre-Pujo so that during the festivities you don’t tire out. Stretch well to avoid muscle pain if you have plans for pandal hopping over long hours {and who doesn’t?}. Before going out, try and relax a little to allow your muscles to relax and recuperate.

Breathing exercises can slow down your heart rate and help you keep up with the pace of hopping and partying. Long hours on your feet and fancy shoes can cause aches. Concentrate on these muscle groups and enjoy Pujos pain free!

Pet Pujo?

Always eat normally on the days of the festivities. Skipping meals only increases hunger and creates a tendency to over eat. Try using an appetizer plate to keep the size of second helpings small. Also, try and avoid second helpings. Taking smaller bites is also a way to cheat the brain into thinking we are eating or drinking more

Avoid carbonated drinks as they add empty calories. Here is some calorie value of popular alcohols, so choose wisely – Beer {350ml} – 155 calories; Light Beer {350ml} – 104 calories, Wine {150ml} – 124 calories; Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila {30ml} – 65 calories. Starting your day with a cup of Green Tea {during festivities or otherwise also} increases immunity levels and combat bacterial contamination.

Refuel Post Pujo And Shed The Extra Weight

Come and get fit at Skulpt and drink lots of water to get rid of all the toxic intake from street food and junk consumption. Fitness level is unlikely to change in 5 days of breaking rules. However, one would need to get back on a strict diet and workout routine to shed off any weight that appears.

What Skulpt Has In Store

Skulpt has a range of special offers to help you jump right back in to shsape. Rejuvenate, release and revive at the Skulpt Spa to shed the wear and tear from the festivities.

You can grab the special offers before Pujo along with a combination of classes of Zumba, Spinning and MMA along with the gym routine will help you get into shape and maintain it. The additional classes are for high calorie consumption prompting quick weight loss and toning

Sick of being cooped up indoors? Skulpt is launching its very own Outdoor Program for training year-round in time for winter. The Pujo Special Offer comes for INR 2500+ for a month with different costs for group classes. The Outdoor Routine Package starts at INR 2000+ per month and goes lower the longer you sign up for.

Anything Else?

Skulpt is open from 6 am to 10 pm. You can find out more details at 033 4071 6035


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