This City-Based Gourmet Cotton Candy Brand Is Sure To Take You On A Nostalgic Ride

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What Makes It Awesome

This new cotton candy kiosk inside Acropolis Mall is taking us on a nostalgic ride and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Admit it! We’ve all had those pink cotton candy floss selling on the streets when we were kids. It was a must-have after school. Well, now you get to live those childhood memories all over again with Sugar Wandss, probably the city’s first gourmet cotton candy brand that does organic candies in innovative shapes, flavours and colours. Best part? They’ve brought back the old classic confectionery treat ‘Buddi Ke Baal’ with a twist albeit!

You get your same old cotton candies but this one is more hygienic and colourful thanks to the natural and nature-identical flavours it uses in different gourmet colours. The brand uses 100% organic sugar and also stylises the fat, cholesterol and gluten free spun sugar in varied shapes with exciting toppings! No added flavours or preservatives. Seriously, what more do you want?

These guys shape the cotton candies into cute and adorable characters and objects - think flower wands, minions, Bunny, Pikachu, Froggy and Hello Kitty! They do flower wands of up to four layers. They also do Glow Cotton Candy (jumping in joy!) and it’s sure to get you all excited like a child. Their ‘Buddi Ke Baal’ candies come in little jars for not just you but your family as well (check their family pack). 

Choose from  over 20 different flavours like raspberry, watermelon, butterscotch, lemon, red grapes, nutella, cheese, Nolen Gur (!), mint and many more. They also have the classic version if that’s what you prefer. We loved the range of toppings too - choco chips, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, golden and silver beads, minty hearts and stars, wafer butterflies among other super cool ones.

Tempted already? Head to Acropolis today!


You can store them for a couple of weeks inside your refrigerator. Just make sure you store it in a dry, air-tight jar away from sunlight. 


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