This Iconic Store Is Where Even Manna Dey Took His Harmonium From

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What Makes It Awesome

Not every store has a gripping story to tell like Surokar. Founded in 1980, this harmonium workshop in Mudiali has offered its instruments to many eminent musicians.

This small shop in Mudiali is indeed a paradise for harmonium lovers. One of the most renowned names in Kolkata when it comes to harmoniums, Surokar is the most reliable shop where the store people have in-depth knowledge about the instruments. Stalwarts of Indian classical music such as Hemanta Kumar and Manna Dey have bought their harmoniums from here!

There was a time when harmonium was a must-have in almost every Bengali household. And Surokar has been producing these wonderful pieces for the past 40 years. There are customers who have used their instruments for a decade and are still going strong. There's longevity for you right there.

The price for the harmonium starts from INR 20,000 without scale-changers. You can also go for the nine-scale changer harmonium to brush your basic skills.


A trivia from us: Did you know Hemanta Kumar, before joining Lata Mangeshkar at the Royal Albert Hall for a concert, stopped by Surokar to pick up his harmonium!