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Kitab Lovers Is Back With Yet Another Book Fair & You Have To Attend It Obviously!

What's Happening

All you book lovers out there! Kitab Lovers is back with yet another edition of Load the Box at the Ice Skating Rink and you just can't miss it. Get your hands on loads of books in boxes at dirt cheap rates. Just pay for the box and fill it with as many books as you can! There are three sizes - The Money Saver at INR 999 that fits in about 10-13 books, The Wealth Box at INR 1,499 that can fit in 17-20 books and The Treasure Box at INR 2,499 that fits in 30-33 books! Aren't you jumping with joy already?

Books by Shakespeare, autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Harry Potter and works of authors like Agatha Christie, Ruskin Bond, Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett, Obama, Orhan Pamuk, Khalid Hosseini and S.Covey to name a few will be up for sale. 


Have old books to sell? Take them along and get discounts! You can pay for the books by card as well. 

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