Channel Your Yin & Yang And Say Goodbye To Aches With This Tai Chi Class

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It's an ancient form of Chinese martial art, and it requires no whacking to do or get. In fact, Tai Chi is known to relieve you of all your aches and niggles, and master Kartikeya Shukla is ready to hand hold you through its various forms.

What Makes It Awesome

Kartikeya Shukla started learning Tai Chi some five years back when stress got the better of his life. Since then he has benefited so much from this that he has gone on to train as a professional practitioner to help spread Tai Chi's benefits. Today, he and his wife Sylvia Das are the only certified Tai Chi practitioners in India, and they are ready to introduce you to the goodness of this martial art.

Kartikeya along with his wife Sylia are now offering 90 minutes classes three days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) a week at Studio 3C. Good thing, noobs to practitioners, young and old, anyone can legit sign up for this. Classes are priced at INR 2,000 (4 classes).

An ancient Chinese martial art form, Tai Chi relies on fluid movements and form. It involves no difficult posture or exercise to sweat yourself out. Just like choreography, you'll find yourself transitioning from one form to another that'll help you release stress from your muscles and joints. The smooth fluid movements are somewhat meditative too, as you mindfully shift between moves.

Arthritis, joint aches, stress, diabetes, neurological problems - Tai Chi has been proved to help with several of these health troubles. It is also known to be of great benefit to Parkinson and insomnia. 


Kids below age 12 are not advised to join the classes.


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