Take Bae Here: This Classy Asian Restaurant Has A New Menu Perfect For Date Night

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JW Marriott’s Vintage Asia is really taking Asian food to the next level with their flavourful, carefully curated new menu that packs a punch.

The Bold And The Beautiful

Big, bold flavours that pack a punch and {almost ironically} contrasting delicately plated dishes, the new menu at Vintage Asia has everything we love about Asian flavours. Chef Tan Kwang Aik is super excited about the new menu and will excitedly tell anyone who’s willing to hear about the new dishes.

Kickstart your journey through Asia with a set of absolutely stunning and mouthwateringly delicious dim sums. Light, delicate and perfectly cooked, these little pockets of heaven have the thinnest pastry wrapping a moist, meaty filling. Shout out to the spicy chicken coriander rolls. A level up from your usual fried chicken dish, this one keeps the chicken juicy, tender and succulent while giving it a crispy crunchy coating.


Who’s Your Main?

These mains are so out of all of our leagues — a blend of traditional flavours from across Asia, these dishes will take you on a trip around the continent from the Singapore-style meifoon noodles and Chiang Mai Prawn Curry {which goes so well with the subtle aromatic basil and ginger fried rice} to the Cantonese style noodles and Thai chilli grilled prawns.

There are a bunch of fresh, crispy, crunchy vegetables on the menu that have been treated with care and respect. A stand out dish was the wok-tossed young corn. Lightly cooked in a pepper-y coating, it had just the right amount of spice beautifully balanced with a hum of honey running through the dish. If you’re looking to try a new protein, the slow-cooked hot pot duck is a melt-in-your mouth must-try. Cooked for hours and with a hint of ginger and spring onion that sings through the punchy duck juices, it’s a treat.

There are quite a few dishes which highlight garlic in multiple forms: as a marinade or as a garnish {both burnt and fried}. They’ll even give you bowl of fried garlic on the side if you can’t get enough.

A Trip To China

The amount of precision and detail that has gone into designing of Vintage Asia is incredible. From the dim lighting, bright red splashes of colour contrasting against the otherwise minimal black and silver décor and the little glimpses of Chinese elements {the artwork, faux plants, the vases and other décor}, everything will remind you of your last trip to South East Asia. The dining area also has a beautiful view of the lower level of the hotel and has large windows that overlook the ever-moving city — a really pretty picture once the sun sets and the city lights come on. Don’t miss out on the Chinese tea ceremony where you’ll be served a cleansing cup of jasmine tea out of a gorgeous golden teapot with a really long snout.

Anything Else?

The menu is available at Vintage Asia from March 7. The restaurant is open only for dinner from Monday through Friday and for both lunch and dinner over the weekend {on Saturday and Sunday}.


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