Go On A Quiet Date To This Quiet, Cosy Restaurant On Outram Street

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for a quiet place for a lunch date or family dinner? Tangerine serves North Indian, Chinese, Asian, Continental and Seafood cuisines making sure that there are lots of options for you to choose from.

Located on the first floor of a charming residence beside St. Xavier’s College back gate, Tangerine is quite a spacious restaurant with a peaceful setting and simple yet elegant and sophisticated interiors and dim lights. Start with the Corn Spinach Cheese Powder soup - a must for all cheese lovers. The Chille Fritta was also good with poblano chilli marinated in and filled with cheese and deep fried served with salad and tomato ketchup. We loved the Mutton Kebab too served with salad and chutney. They were soft and tender with an amazing blend of spices. Do not miss out on the Pan-Fried Noodles and their special Veg Tangerine Fried Rice. The noodles are boiled and served on a bed of vegetables in a brown gravy while the rice is tossed in vegetables and a mild spicy sauce.

The restaurant has a bar on one side perfect if you wish to unwind after a hectic day. On a date? Take a table against the huge glass windows for the perfect setting. The restaurant serves buffet during the festive season with special seasonal dishes. They also do outdoor catering for parties, events and functions. 

What Could Be Better

The Cosanostra – nachos, French fries and baked paper breads served with a not-so-cheesy dip - was really disappointing plus it was super expensive at INR 445. 


The main course dishes serve quite a huge quantity enough for at least three people so be careful about how much you order.


Obsessed with sunsets and Chinese food