Taste These Kolkata-Inspired Dishes While Overlooking The Victoria Memorial At Monkey Bar

Raisa posted on 24 July


From kasundi-flavoured bhetki to Nolen Gur Crème Brulee, get a taste of Kolkata at Monkey Bar with the special additions to the menu.

Chow Down

Along with a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline {we could see the Victoria Memorial, St Paul’s Cathedral and Vidyasagar Setu}, Monkey Bar also has Kolkata-inspired dishes that will excite your tastebuds.

We love the Tikki of Joy – a small plate of crispy, crumb-fried bhetki fish cutlets with kasundi served with mint chutney. It is a perfect complement to your drink. Iti Aunty’s Daab Chingri Pizza takes the Italian pizza and adds that classic seafood flavour Kolkata loves so much.

Those with a sweet tooth haven’t been left behind either. The twist on the classic French crème brulee? It is made with Calcuttans favourite nolen gur and served with the in-house coconut gelato. The Gondhoraj Lime Tart’s sweet and sour combination {it is made with lemon curd and has a torched meringue} is the perfect note to end the meal on.

Sip On

These cocktails are refreshing {and potent!}. Drink a Toast to Calcutta, a delightful gin-based concoction with homemade gondhoraj cordial and basil which makes it refreshing and flavourful. The Old Fashioned on Camac Street {we love the name by the way} packs a punch with whiskey, roasted almond syrup bitters and almond pokey sticks.

So, We’re Saying…

Get the whole Kolkata experience at Monkey Bar. From the food to the décor, everything incorporates bits of Kolkata. Keep a lookout for the wall art which captures the city, the locally-sourced lights and the exposed brick wall inspired by old Calcutta architecture.

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