Young Teens & Parents, This Counselling Service Is Here To Your Rescue

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What Makes It Awesome?

Teenline, a dedicated counseling service, was started by CINI in 2002 to answer queries and provide first-level counseling to young people on sexual reproductive, health issues, psychosocial and emotional problems, and family issues. CINI has introduced a toll-free tele counseling service as well as face to face counseling service for young people and parents to deal with their emotional problems.

Every moment, adolescents/young people face the challenge of balancing the inner needs of the individual, and the outer demands of society to create an identity of his/her own. In this phase of multidimensional changes, it becomes difficult for an individual to cope with every aspect of his/her life — physical, psychological, and social. Counseling helps young people to identify the causes and alleviate symptoms of distress; improves their social and emotional resources, increases their use of effective communication skills to share and express emotions; and strengthens the relationship with family, community, and peers.

Teenline is here to listen to queries from the 'Unknown Hellos' and guide them towards healthy adolescence. They provide the following services:

- Tele-counseling service
- Face to face counseling services for emotional problems faced by adolescents
- Referral services and networking for specialized counseling, medical counseling for adolescents
- Career Counselling
- Group Counselling
- Family Counselling/ parental counseling

- Therapeutic Sessions (group session + individual session)
1. Dance Movement Therapy
2. Music Therapy
3. Meditation Therapy and Guided Imagery
4. Art Therapy
5. Play Therapy

- Psychometric Tests
1. IQ Test
2. Social Maturity
3. Personality Test (TAT/CAT/DAP/ RORSCHACH)
4. Paper Pencil Tests on Depression/Anger/Anxiety
- Seasonal Workshops at school and college level
- Outreach counseling/home-based counseling

You can either email them or call them to book your appointments. It's available from Monday to Friday (11 am to 7 pm).

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