Up Your Decor And Fashion Game With Gypsy-Style Jewellery & Home Decor From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

If boho chic is your thing, then check out this kickass city-based brand called The Harper's Lane that we found online and can't stop drooling over ever since.

Owned by Tanushree Thakur Sarkar, The Harper's Lane does boho, gypsy-style jewellery and home decor accessories inspired by the European countryside at pretty affordable rates. We love how each piece is elegant yet chic and adds a certain sophistication to our everyday style. Designed by Tanushree herself, all the pieces are handcrafted.

Her jewellery range currently has only earrings, chokers and necklaces made using beads, antique oxidised charms, wood, feather, fabric and leather. Her range is quirky with a lot of pieces having an earthy feel to them. We loved the long leather earrings that aren't really flashy but enough to make a statement. We couldn't stop gushing over the hand-embroidered floral earrings on an antique gold base with leather strings.

But if it's necklaces that you are looking for, then watch out for the Evil Eye choker made of beads as well as the Wild Ember Neckwear made of handcrafted fabric and leather and inspired by wildfires. Photogrpahers! There's something for you too - check out the Tell Me A Story neck piece \that has a picture of a camera embroidered on a small piece of cloth (to signify how there's a story behind each picture taken) and minutely folded and place on an antique gold base.

Looking for home decor? Look no further than the brand's range of embroidered lampshades, wall plates and wall hoops. Ditch those regular looking and printed lampshades for unique hand-embroidered and hand-painted ones. Acrylic painting on fabric, charcoal sketch on handmade paper on a wooden base, patchwork, embellishments like vintage coins and tassels are what they use to make the stunning lampshades. The wall hoops are chic and classic made using wooden hoops, threads and fabric. We also loved the wall plates that are hand-painted using acrylic colour on a ceramic base.

Prices for jewellery start at INR 250 while the home accessories start at INR 650 and go up to INR 2,000.


Tanushree will soon introduce dresses as well once the lockdown is over and we are in better times. Keep tabs on her social media pages for updates.


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