Your At-Home Parties Will Be Peppy & Perfect Thanks To These Organisers

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What Makes It Awesome

Lockdown birthdays: Noone saw that coming. But it is here and staying longer than we would have liked it to. With all our elaborate outdoor plans shelved, what else can one do but try and make the best of what can be done at home. The Peppy Parties (TPP) is here to help you with your at-home celebrations.

The Peppy Parties offer themed decor for any and every occasion. Be it a baby shower or a bachelorette, anniversary or graduation party, games night or I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I-am-celebrating party. All you have to do is call them up. You can either have them come over and do the decor or just get the stuff you need and do it yourself. 

Remember the time when we made jugaad cakes at home? Sometimes by moulding instant noodles, and at other times stacking slices of bread and slathering jam on top. Jugaad is great but the right accessories and decor can really add to the charm of a party like no other. Hosting a bridal shower? Pick up a pack of props from TPP and set up a photo booth. These memories will last you a lifetime. TPP will even help you customise the cake toppers. If you are on a budget, even better! TPP has stuff that will only add to the fun, not the stress.


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