This Pet-Friendly Bookstore Will Deliver Your Picks To Your Doorstep!

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What Makes It Awesome

Mom loves non-fictions, dad those coffee table books, you love the comics and the little niece her bath books? With such a wide mix, you must be still looking for that one place where you can flip through your books before buying and still get everything under a hood? The city's well-kept secret The Story Teller book shop is just the place where you should head.

Meg Ryan's 'Shop Around The Corner' in You've Got Mail ruined you for all other glitzy departmental-store like bookstores? If you're still looking for a charming little store that has an amazing range of children's books, novels and non-fiction, then The Story Teller book shop is your place to be.

Kolkata's only pet-friendly bookstore that has no hovering staff or busybodies, it is tucked inside a lane off EM Bypass (near Picnic Garden). They specialise in children's books of all kinds. From story books, board books, puppet titles to shadow books and even reference materials for students. A front yard with swing sets and a store spread across 1500 sq.ft with colourful books dotting the place, kids would take absolute pleasure in rifling through books or attending the camps, author reading sessions or the storytelling and craft workshops that are frequently held here. 

Want to pick up the newly released novel or looking for a niche non-fiction title? With more than 80,000 titles in store, you'll surely find your picks here.


The store caters to special-needs persons, kids and adults. Best of all, they deliver books to your doorstep.

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