Need Your Daily Dose Of Caffeine? Order Kickass, Handcrafted Coffee Flavours From This Brand

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    Calling all caffeine addicts! We've found a brand that does handcrafted flavored coffee taking tour favourite drink several notches higher.

    Their range is an intricate blend of texture, taste and aroma. Find flavours like French vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, Bavarian mint, choco orange and cinnamon among several others. We fell in love with the Instant Filter Kaapi and the Bavarian Mint flavours. Nothing beats the experience of enjoying a nice, hot cup of filter coffee at home that has the same traditional, nature-inspired aroma, colours and taste without any machines! If you like having a minty flavour to your coffee, then the Bavarian Mint is probably your best bet.

    Another flavour we'd suggest trying is the Vanilla Cinnamon one - a smooth blend of creamy vanilla and cinnamon to start your day with. Their amazing blend of orange zest with dark chocolate extracts in the Choco Orange Bespoke flavour is also worth a try. But if it's almonds that you prefer, the Roasted Almond flavour should do the trick for you.

    Prices start at INR 350.


    Now, shop for all these amazing coffee flavours on LBB. Awesome, right?