Spruce Up Any Nook In Your House With Artful Kitschy Objects From This Artist

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Art By Aarohi

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re an art lover, who loves to stay surrounded by art and creativity, then we have found just the brand for you. Art by Aarohi is owned by a mother of two, Aarohi Singh, who sees art everywhere she goes and retails her art in the form of paintings or kitschy daily objects.

Her work in oil, acrylics, watercolour and pastels adorns a wide variety of canvases and accessories in paper, canvas, metal, cardboard, wood and fabric. Explore her Kitsch Art Collection (INR 3,500 onwards), where you will see beautiful artworks on objects like tin buckets, kettles, tin dabbas, chairs, cushions, bags, plates, trunks and  even carrom boards (that have been made into short tables). Ideal for adding a pop of colour to any space. The Poonchh Collection (50% of the profits from this one go to our four-legged friends) and Kathakali vignettes from Kerala are all the rage with art lovers from all over. 

Her art is primarily influenced by the colours of Rajasthan that she was introduced to as a child. We loved how innovative she is with her ideas of transforming simple household stuff into captivating artwork, perfect for decorating the nooks and corners of your house.


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