This Kolkata Brand's Sourdough Breads Are Great For Your Health

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What Makes It Awesome

No matter the condiments or the sides, unnaturally white or dull brown bread makes breakfast a sad story with a bitter aftertaste (literally so!). Kitchen Stories has a bread subscription programme which will serve you with the freshest breads for a healthy breakfast.

What makes it seriously amazing is that all their bread is sourdough. A foodie will spot the awesomeness (and also its rarity in the city) of this kind of bread. Noobies, you must know that sourdough is a kind of leavened bread (bread that rises from fermentation) that is high on nutrition value and is also easily digestible. Thankfully, you can now lay your hands on naturally leavened (no chemical agents like baking powder or baking soda are used) sourdough bread in the city now.

Skipping breakfasts will pretty much be a thing of the past because this bread subscription programme will keep things really interesting for the whole month. With 12 kinds of sourdough bread on the menu (ciabatta to whole grain, black olive, rosemary garlic, baguette, cheddar cheese and tomato), you will get three different loaves every week to try. Freshly made of stone ground wheat, you can pick them up as a whole bread with its crust and all or can even ask then to slice of for you.

Though the subscription has a set menu, you can get your favourite by order too.

What Could Be Better

They still don't have a delivery service, so you'll have to drop into their store to pick up the bread.

How Much Did It Cost

Slightly on the higher side of the expense scale, the subscription is priced at INR 1,800 per month.

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