Pens, Notebooks & Craft Supplies: Here Are Top Five Wholesale Shops In College Street To Get Your Stationery Fix

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If you're a stationery addict just like us and end up buying notebooks, pens and sketch pens just at the drop of a hat, then you have to check out College Street. A go-to place for students, the area boasts over 30 wholesale stationery shops. Here's our top five favourites, as they say there's nothing like too much stationery!

Bharat Stationers

Housed beside Coffee House, this quaint shop has been quite popular for their affordable range of stationery. The options are endless, they are well equipped with pens, notepads and colour pencils. You can get pens here starting at just INR 10. We also love their colourful range of notebooks with fun motifs from cartoon characters to cheesy one-liners.

College Pen Forum

This quaint shop in College Street is a haven for pen lovers and you must visit the store when you feel the need to restock your supplies. They also stock geometrical and engineering instruments. Plus you'll find fine calligraphy pens, craft supplies and handmade paper diaries. Okay let's not brag about the prices as you'll find pens here for INR 5 as well!

Uma Stationers

Located opposite Calcutta University, Uma Stationers has been serving students for over forty years. Notebooks, pen, pencil, graph sheets, refill and big drawing sheets, you'll find all of it at very reasonable prices. The shop is known for keeping quality products which is why it buzzes with students from dawn to dusk. They also stock office stationery essentials.

Bharati Stores

Located near College Square junction, this store is known for stocking varieties of domestic and foreign stationery items. Remember those colourful fountain pens that would stain our hands but we never stopped using them? Well you'll find them here and at dirt cheap prices, starting INR 20. Highlighters in neon shades and plenty of folders and files are also up for grabs. 

Globe Traders

If you love scribbling personal notes and letters, then visit the shop for prettiest collection of papers, envelopes and postcards. Besides basics like clippers, folders, markers, colour pens, pencils and tape dispensers, you'll also find brushes and colours (artists are you listening?). Prices start from INR 50. The best part? They repair all kinds of defunct pens. 


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