Get Your Hands On Makaibari Tea At This Quaint Tram Turned Into A Tea Shop

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We’ve heard all good things about Makaibari tea. They’re super old (older than our grandparents) and their tea found its way to Queen Elizabeth a couple of years back. They have set up a small shop inside the heritage tram parked in front of City Centre and we’re absolutely psyched!

What Makes It Awesome

Stop by to pick up some premium tea for fam and friends from this unique tea shop. Done up in wood, the interior of the heritage tram is warm and welcoming. It doesn’t matter whether you can identify your teas with a single glance at its leaves or are simply a newbie at this game, the people in charge will help you choose something that will quench every kind of tea curiosity.

A go-to product for most customers, their first flush is harvested during mid-March to May and is nicknamed the “champagne of teas”owing to the light and floral flavour (INR 350). It’s also one of the more expensive varieties sold here. The Silver Tips Imperial, harvested at full moon time costs a whopping INR 1,200!

They have a good selection of simple summer flavours too, such as mint, passionfruit and ginger peach. Green tea and masala chai are also available. These are all INR 300 each (the pricing of tea is per 100 gm).

Pro Tip

Makaibari has some of the best tea in Darjeeling. Started in 1859, the Makaibari tea estate is among the first of tea estates and one of the few which grows their tea organically. They believe their farmers are artists and practice permaculture – 70% of their land is maintained under forest cover.


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