Hangout At This Quaint Book Cafe In Golpark With Your Tribe

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What Makes It Awesome

We were scouting in Golpark for food when we came across this beautiful, quaint cafe and immediately fell in love with it. And we're sure you will to. 

Say hello to this awesome book cafe called Tribe located bang opposite the Arambagh food mart near Momo I Am. It's a splash of colours, books and wall art as soon as you enter the space. With over 2,000 books, a couple of guitars, paintings, photographs, wall art, this cafe is sure going to light up your Instagram feed with its many Insta-worthy corners and spots. One section of the cafe is adorned with books across genres - all of them donated and acknowledging those who donated them as part of the 'tribe'. Watch out for the tin frames adorning the walls when you enter the cafe. Those tin frames have brand ads (think Rolls Royce, Vim, Coca Cola!) from decades ago giving a vintage feel to the space. The seating will give you living room feels. There's a smoking area done up in red.

Coming to the food, it's all about breakfast, sandwiches, Italian and Continental food. They have a variety of tea and coffee options that you shouldn't miss out on. The cheese balls here are slightly different as they have a fair amount of veggies stuffed inside. The cheese just oozes out as you take the first bite - it's heavenly! But if you are a potato person, then the Polpettes will definitely make you happy - it's basically fried morsels of potatoes and Greek feta cheese with dill and lemon juice adding those amaze flavours to it. Ever tried a spinach and corn au gratin? Well, then try it right here served in a bowl with a slice of garlic bread.

We had heard of caesar salad but never of a Caesar Salad Wrap. We got to try it at Tribe and, we must say, it was great. Even their Caesar Salad comes mixed with veggies and is a great option for all you people on a diet! Wash it all down with any of the Tribe Special mocktails (Sunrise and Cherry Coketail are personal favourites) or tea/coffee options.

So, why wait? Gather your tribe and drop in today!


The cafe keeps holding workshops, open mic nights, slam poetry sessions every now and then. Reach out to them if you're an artist and wish to display your work for the public to see. They are open to displaying and putting up for sale all kinds of artwork. If any of your work sells, they charge a nominal commission fee. You can donate books as well and add to their super awesome collection.


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