We Often Think Of This Restaurant When We Think Of Chinese In Park Street!

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What Makes It Awesome

This iconic restaurant in Park Street should be on the must-visit list of all Chines lovers. With Tung Fong, even though it is less popular than the big guns on Park Street, you'll find no compromise on the quality of food.

Loyalists of this fine-dining throng the restaurant on every possible occasion. But even if you want to order in, you'd be delighted after you've done so. If you're a soup person, you should start with the Tum Yum (veg/non-veg) and Lung Fung (veg/non-veg) soups. For starters, order a dish of Prawn Gold Coins, Prawn Fried Wonton, Tung Fong Fry Babycorn or Red Pepper Fish to go with the soup.

You will be left wondering what to order since they have a vast menu with innumerable options, and have different sections for different kinds of meats. A seafood person? You would want to dive straight into their prawn delicacies such as the Pepper Chilli Prawn, Prawn in Black Bean Sauce, Shrimp with Cashewnuts, and crab specialities like Crab Foo Yoong, Crabmeat with Pakchoi and Crab Claws (choice of flavour)!

Red meat lovers will be left spoilt for choice with delicacies like Lamb in Hoisin/Oyster Sauce, Chilli Garlic Lamb, Shanghai Lamb, Kung Pao Lamb and Mafu Tofu with Lamb, among others. Order your meifoon and eat to your heart's content.