Be In The Game Instead Of Just Looking At It At The City's First Virtual Gaming Arcade

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What Makes It Awesome

Virtual Reality has been a game-changer in the gaming industry. Imagine getting teleported to a completely different world just by putting on a headset. In fact, now, don’t just imagine, go ahead and try it at the newly opened Univrse VR Arcade at City Center, Newtown. Once you put on your headset, you're immersed in a world full of surprises. Walk around freely and explore, their safety guidance mechanism will keep you safe and within the boundaries of your play area. The stunning graphics will make it all feel so real and phantasmagorical at the same time.

The best part about a VR game is that you aren’t reduced to a couch potato with a fancy gadget in hand. Here you are actually moving those limbs and getting a nice workout while playing your favourite game. Interact with the fantasy world using controllers, move around, jump, dodge, fight and forget the real world, where you know you would be looking like a complete buffoon doing all this.

Climb into the world's most famous roller coasters with No Limits 2. To give you the exact feels of being on a roller coaster, the simulation even includes sounds of wind rushing by, click-clack of the ascending coaster train (the cause of all anxiety or adrenaline) and screams of fellow riders once it plummets (woohoo!)

Explore the awe-inspiring life under the depths of the ocean with The Blu. This includes an incredibly close encounter with an 80-foot whale! Slash cubes while you dance at foot-tapping beats in the unique Beat Saber (known for its amazing sounds and visuals). Fulfill your dreams (or should we say nightmares) of being in an zombie apocalypse with Arizona Sunshine. Or get transported to the final days of World War II in Front Defense that delivers one of the most intense war shooter experiences ever created.

So, gather your squad, ditch reality and embrace the virtual with over 25 amazing VR titles to choose from at the Univrse.


If you are walking into the arcade as a first-time VR user, get a good taste of what’s it like with the Richie’s Plank Experience. However, if you are an acrophobic, stay away from this one. Once the headset is on, you will find yourself taking a virtual elevator to a plank that is supported at two ends, 100 floors high above the ground. All you got to do is then dare to walk to the other end. Feeling dizzy already, are we?


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