Move Over, Uber: You Can Now Use An App To Book Yellow Taxis

Raisa posted on 15 September


Tygr app brings Kolkata surge-free prices, and yellow taxis to your doorstep.

What Is It?

The Tygr app allows you to book yellow taxis as well as private taxis. All you have to do is download the app and log in. When you book a ride, all cabs within the five kilometre radius will receive a notification and you just have to wait for a driver to accept your ride. It works just like Ola, Uber or any other major cab service.

Sick Of Being Rejected?

You’ve never had a better chance at getting a cab. Tygr’s co-founder and managing director Dipanjan Purkayastha claims that the number of meter taxis regisgtered with the app is so high that it’s unlikely a customer will ever get rejected {they’re hoping to have most of the city’s fifty thousand yellow taxis on the platform}.

No surge-pricing is a huge bonus particularly for the office-goers who are forever subject to leaps in price during rush hour. Payment is as convenient as other apps – via cash, car or e-wallet.

With all the excitement over Pujo and the humongous traffic, this app could not have arrived at a better time.


Sorry, iPhone users. The app hasn’t been launched on the appstore yet!