Buy Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Essentials And Accessories From This Kolkata Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Go sustainable and eco-friendly when it comes to daily essentials with products from Vamsi.

Founded by brother-sister duo Anurag Banerjee and Tuhina Agarwal in 2019, Vamsi is a Kolkata-based eco-conscious brand that makes products of everyday use the sustainable way, that is without plastic and toxins. Find toothbrushes, tablet napkins, beeswax food wrap, bamboo and paper straws, paper folders, oxo-biodegradable garbage bags, bagasse dinnerware and eco-starter kits. Best part? They are affordable too!

The toothbrushes are made of wheat straw - a by-product of wheat harvesting that, otherwise, would have been burnt causing more pollution. The biodegradable tablet napkins made of 100% unwoven cotton come in the size of, well, tablets making them super easy to carry. Just add a spoonful of water and it opens like a handkerchief that you can use facial or baby wipe. The garbage bags biodegrade in nine to 12 months while the Beeswax Food Wrap is made of pure beeswax on organic cotton that lasts for a minimum of six months.

If you're just beginning to adopt a sustainable lifestyle or know someone who is, then the Eco-Starter Kit that comprises samples of most of the products is a good way to begin. It costs just INR 100!