Sneha posted on 12th July

Molecular Dhoklas To Truffle Cheese Dosas: 7 Must-Try Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata

Vegetarian restaurants were not so popular in the city till a few years ago. But the city which enjoys its maachh-bhaat, biryani and Tangra Chinese, has slowly made room for vegetarian fare. Keeping in mind the classics and some newbies, here are seven restaurants that are a must-visit.


Rajdhani Thali

This is the best option if you are looking for a complete meal without wasting time choosing. They serve authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis at affordable prices. There’s a Jain option available as well. On Wednesdays, these thalis are on offer for only INR 225, which is a steal deal for those who have a big appetite but also want to watch their wallet. From chaas, dhokla, dal baati churma, to colourful chutney, pulao and desserts Rajdhani Thali is for a wholesome meal.


With over a 100 items in the menu, SpiceKlub is popular as the destination if you want to experience molecular cuisine. The place serves fusion North-Indian food. The otherwise mundane, everyday recipes and street food items are given a complete makeover to make it appealing not only to the tongue but also to the eyes. Be it the Bombay Pav Bhaji Fondue, the Gujarati Deconstructed Dhokla, the Delhi Papdi Chaat or the Northern Chole Kulcha, each creation is not to be missed.

Tram Deepo

This theme restaurant launched in September last year, and went fully vegetarian in May 2017, due to increased demand for vegetarian food. True to its name, there are ‘deepos’ (it’s named after Kolkata’s tram depots) – Tollygunge, Ballygunge, Kalighat and Esplanade where you can sit and enjoy the feel of being inside a tram. The floor in the bar section looks like the old Calcutta roads, made with stone chips and tar, and complete with potholes! For selfie clickers, the blue-and-white Calcutta tram cut-out is the best spot. Now coming to the main point – food – there’s an array to choose from. We suggest the Momo Aglio Olio, Red Wine Mushroom Risotto, Green Thai Curry with Sticky Rice, Pesto Paneer Tikka and Two Berries Panacotta. They serve shisha too!

Crave Foodworks

Aptly named, Crave Foodworks makes you crave for more. It’s a perfect place to go for a family meal. Offering a plethora of cuisines – Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, all under the same roof. The Papaya Salad and the Pad Thai Noodles are to die for if you are looking for vegetarian Thai food which is rarely found in this city. Conveniently located on Southern Avenue away from the always-honking zones, try this multi-cuisine restaurant.

Jyoti Vihar

This place is all about nostalgia. While the food scene is fast changing in the city, time has stood still at Jyoti Vihar. And that’s what we LOVE about this place. The same look and feel, menu, prompt service and of course, the quality of food. It is a must-visit for people who visit Calcutta on a holiday as well. Apart from the authentic South-India dishes, the variety of flavourful chutneys draw all and sundry (even hardcore non-veg lovers) to Jyoti Vihar.

Kaidi Kitchen

The first veg restaurant that had a theme – a prison! Walk into this restaurant and you are immediately put behind bars. They even have handcuffs ready. Here you are greeted by jailers and the prisoners serve food. On offer is flavours from across the globe – India, Italy, Mexico and China. Go for their Kaidiyon ke pasand ka laddoo (litti chokha), Dahi ke Sholay (available in Jain option too), Mexican Sizzling Steak & Salsa, Cannelloni Florentine, to name a few of the must-haves. After the Camac Street outlet, Kaidi has now spread to Mani Square too.

Mumbai Local

For a feel of raapchik Mumbai hop on to this local at Ballygunge Park Road. This peppy, vibrant looking restaurant serves Mumbaiya food right out of its lanes and bylanes, but with a twist. Bole toh ekdum rapchik khana! From the presentation of the food to the taste, everything is spot on. Truffle Cheese Dosa, Shaarabi Panipuri, Kaali Peeli (their yellow and black dal) – they are all absolutely delicious!