Vegetarians Delight! Make This Veg Restopub Your New Hangout Place

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What Makes It Awesome

It is indeed a conundrum to find a resto-pub with good vegetarian food, that too an all-veg restopub! But the panacea to this conundrum is 1000 BC.

No we are not suggesting you to travel back in time. 1000 BC is a vegetarian only resto-pub in Camac Street. So all you plant eating people don't have to complain about lack of veg options in the menu when you are out partying the next time. Visiting there for a birthday bash? Kickstart the evening with 1000 BC's cocktail section with Caprioska, Screwdriver (vodka based), D Martini, Berry Martini (gin based), and Mint Julep, 1000 BC Ginger Blast (whiskey based), among other options. But if there are non-alcoholics at the party, then choose from interesting mocktails like the Chocolate Martini, Chatpata Guava Mary (the guava syrup adds a sweet and peppy flavour) and Blue Rickey (blue curacao syrup and pineapple juice blended with vanilla ice cream), to name a few.

As finger food or nibbles, you should definitely try out the Cream Hung Curd Cakes, which is basically 'dahi ke kebab' with hung curd, mixed with aromatic spices, cashew nuts and additional fried onions, and the Exquisite Kidney Bean Galouti (rajma kebabs) that are seared crispy golden from the outside, and have a soft and tangy flavour from the inside.

You can choose from Mexican, Italian and Continental cuisine options for the mains. Dive into the fusion fondues and gradually move to the extensive options of risottos like the three cheese risotto, risotto funghi e thyme and risotto milanese for a fulfilling meal. Alternatively, you can also try the Mexican enchiladas, quesadillas, mushroom cutlet sizzler and cottage cheese shaslik if Italian is not your thing. Satisfy your sweeth tooth with the Sunken Oreo Waffle, Walnut Fudge Waffle or Dark Chocolate Fondue and call it a night!


The Indian cuisine section is also quite extensive with Indian meal boxes and fusion Indian dishes to choose from. Think Olive & Bell Pepper Pulav, Pistachio Kofta and Smoked Rosemary Tikka Masala!