We Are Crushing On These Northeast-Inspired Cufflinks & Lapel Pins By This Assam-Based Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Cufflinks, unfortunately, are worn by very few people today. But these could add a touch of formal elegance or whimsy to your fashion statement and be a subtle form of expression. We stumbled across these gems made by NEst by Arpit Agarwal - a brand of lifestyle products inspired by the symbols, culture and crafts of Northeastern India. The brand’s effort is to capture and explore the immense rich heritage of region, its diverse wildlife, flora, fauna and its colorful people.

The products that really caught our eye were the enamel lapel pins and cufflinks. made in metal with hard enamel (size is approx 0.80 inch) with gold/silver plating. With themes like 'One-Horned Rhino in a Bamboo Forest (available in two colors - black and white), Bihu Dance, The Ran Ghar in Sivasagar (red, blue and black options) and Great Hornbill (grey and blue options), these will bring a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe. They make for perfect gifts for those who love to wear pins (you could perhaps fashion them into buttons as well). And they also make for a great souvenir/ memory if you want to take back something from the northeast. So go ahead, wear these stylish wrist nuggets - they might zest up your world view!


They've also got cufflinks and lapel pins set in case you're looking for gift ideas.

Order a pair quickly as these are made in small batches and get over fast.


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